Night You Were Born: Interactions & Games

Best Mobile App Awards

On the Night You Were Born app is a digital storybook of Nancy Tillman’s New York Times Bestseller. Developed by the Auryn team, the app extends the joyous, sentimental narration that Tillman created in her hardcover by using unique blend of technical and creative skills to bring it to life as a digital platform.

To turn each page of Tillman’s narrative into a digital collection of personal experiences that capture and celebrate the birth of each child, Auryn combined their expertise in animation and special effects with the various tools offered on current mobile devices. Additionally, the team worked with Nancy Tillman from ideation to execution to ensure that her style was not lost when converting the story to a digital platform.

The On the Night You Were Born app creates the ultimate personalized reading experience for children by allowing parents to add the child’s name and picture at the beginning of the app so that it becomes manifested by characters and elements of the story throughout. To enhance the personalization, voices can be recorded reading the narration so the story is played back to the child in a recognizable voice of a loved one.

To increase interaction and engagement with the story, the Auryn team used layer upon layer of beautiful animation that brings the illustrations in Nancy Tillman’s hardcopy book to life. In doing so, the On the Night You Were born app is a one-of-a-kind non-linear storytelling experience that prompts the child to touch, swipe and play with the narrative.

Finally, the app comes with a scrapbook allowing pictures of the family, as well as hand prints of the child and parents to be added to the digital storybook. With the On the Night You Were Born app, children and parents can not only make memories together while experiencing the app, they can document them for an invaluable keepsake.

A combination of unique creative and technical expertise combined with a proprietary digital platform allowed Auryn to turn On the Night You Were Born into a multilevel interactive app for children they can cherish it for a lifetime.