Teddys’ Day: Interactive Story & Games

Design Approach

– Layered discovery and hidden interactions to spark imagination
– Maintain the illustrations look to showcase in-house painterly rending technology
– Story is as important as the interactions – wait till the story is read before starting interactions

Role: Interaction and UI Design.
Software: Photoshop, Maya, In-house painterly rendering software


Kirkus Review Star

A little girl ponders the secret life of her stuffed bear and attempts to catch him in the act. Based on the 2004 children’s book What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day?, by Bruno Hächler and Birte Müller, the brief story is sweetly told and full of surprises. At first, the app seems to be a no-frills, basic narrative, with painterly illustrations and simple navigation (arrows at the top left and right to flip pages). With only minimal animation—leaves blowing in a breeze or eyes blinking—it’s easy to miss the hidden features like a drawing tablet accessible by tapping on papers taped to a wall or the teddy bear’s ability to flop left and right with a tilt of the iPad on the title screen. Where the original book relied on readers’ ability to catch all the details presented on the page, this app takes advantage of the medium with these interactive touches to provide a full-blown picture of this teddy and his chums’ secret life. By not calling attention to those features until a few seconds after the narration is read on each page, then highlighting where to touch, it rewards patient readers while still providing a cozy tale for those who want to speed through. Subtle, surprising and ultimately spectacular.

Tech With Kids

What Makes This Book App Great

The magic of Teddy’s Day book app comes from incorporating things you do into the story. If you draw a picture, it appears on the wall. If you move the puzzle pieces around, you can complete the puzzle. Also,the animation is special, and the book is read by a charmingly sweet little girl’s voice. It is adapted from Bruno Hachler’s “What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day” book, which was illustrated by Birte Muller.