Love You Back! Picture book for Grandmothers

Role: Writer, Art Director

– While working with picture books designed for children, I felt that there was need for a picture book for older people. Just as children are told that they are well prepared for what lies ahead of them in future, older folks need to be told that what lies behind them was a life spent well.

I love having this book for myself to remind me of the good old days with my Grandma, but I would think a paperback version of the book would be a LOVELY gift for the special Grandma in your life. Wish I’d had it years ago, I know my Grandma would have loved to be thought of in the loving way that this book comes across.

Yes, I nearly shed a tear, this is such a beautiful book. It’s about the love of a grandmother and granddaughter. Even when the girl is grown she still loves her grandma! Very nice.