In Winter Still: A Painterly Rendered Short

Design Guidelines

– Design a short to showcase in-house painterly rendering technology
– Keep the budget to a minimum
– Tell a story that introduces the audience to impressionism.

Role: Direction, Story adaptation, Music, Editing
Software: Maya, Premier Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Reason


Delightful Childrens’ DVD

This shortish DVD was a delight for both adults and children. It not only tells a heart warming tale but does so with beautiful painted animation in the style of Monet. It’s a visual treat. Children aged 3 to 9 have loved it and requested it again and again. After watching it, a four year old pointed out a painting in the art gallery as one by ‘Mr Monet’. She was right.

By Elizabeth Wilson

A Feast for Imagination and Eyes

I loved seeing Monet’s paintings come to life and even jump off the screen! It truly was a feast for the imagination and eyes! It also teaches children great values of sharing with others and also caring for the life which grows around them!

By Lesser Knowns

Parents Choice Awards

Silver Medal Winner