Almond Blossoms: Painterly Animated Short

Design Guidelines

– Design a short to showcase in-house painterly rendering technology
– Keep the budget to a minimum
– Tell a story that introduces the audience to impressionism.

Role: Direction, Story adaptation, Editing
Software: Maya, Premier Pro, After Effects, Photoshop



This was so entertaining. My daughter and I were just immersed in it. It’s a Van Gogh painting come alive, at the same time it’s a heartwarming story, partially based on “The Last Leaf”. Like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Lovely.

By rbkshopallday

A Painting Comes to Life!

This animation has beautiful color and unique style. It was created based off of Van Gogh’s artistic style, post-impressionism. As a child, I always wondered what it would be like if a painting came to life, and now my dreams have come true with “Almond Blossoms!” This is a great story for your children to enjoy and be introduced to the famous painter, Van Gogh.

By Lesser Knowns

Parents Choice Awards

Silver Medal Winner