Dolls: Interactive Activity with games

Role: Interactions and User Experience Design.
Software: Photoshop, Sketch

Best Apps for Kids

Few apps bring a feeling of nostalgia like this one does. For me, this app evokes many memories of hours spent playing with paper dolls and Mary Engelbreit’s art is still a favorite of my mom’s. Paper dolls can now be enjoyed like never before.


Combine the fun of paper dolls with Mary Engelbreit’s fantastic artwork in an app, you get an app parents and kids are sure to enjoy. The best part was not having to cut or pop out all of the dolls and clothing prior to playing!

Features include:
  • Multiple paper dolls, buildings and locations
  • Ability to create custom videos with your creations
  • In-app tutorial


This digital paper doll app includes Mary Engelbreit’s fantastic artwork. Mary’s artwork is cheery and gives one a feeling of the wistfulness of childhood.

The video introduction and tutorial given by Mary Engelbreit are a nice addition. It is not necessary to watch the tutorial prior to playing the app; most users will find the interface intuitive and easy to use.

In Breitville every day is a sunny day. It is a place where there are always friends to play with, at the beach, park, a friend’s house or TV station. The music and artwork set a joyful and whimsical tone.


This app is not being rated for educational purposes.


Children can choose from boy and girl dolls, dress them and re-dress them choosing from a number of outfits and they can name their dolls. After bringing their doll to life, children can ask the doll a limited amount of predefined questions; play with them at the beach, park, in a special house designed just for them or record videos at the TV station. A nice selection of objects is available for designing scenes of the child’s choosing. Items can be rotated, but not sized. Adding the ability to resize objects, additional questions or abilities for users to interact with their dolls and additional objects will increase the enjoyment factor.


This is an extremely high quality app with the artwork of a well-known artist and easy to use interface; an app that children will definitely enjoy. As more play objects (dolls, locations, outfits, furniture, etc.) and features are added the app will become more budget-friendly. I look forward to seeing what is added in future updates.

Child Friendliness

Breitville is a safe environment for children; the app does not contain external links, in-app purchases or ads. Kudos to the developer for creating a pleasant and safe place for kids to play!

App We Love: Mary Engelbreit’s Doll Dress-Up – St. Louis Post

This app just makes us go “awww.” It’s the perfect portable doll house. Mary Engelbreit’s Doll Dress-Up app is “Breitville.” Developed by Auryn, the iPad app lets players select a doll and play.

Using classic Engelbreit artwork from the St. Louis artist and graphic illustrator, the app offers an interactive experience of posing them in doll houses, decorating with hundreds of items and even asking the dolls questions. They respond and you can record the exchange in a television show format.

Choose from five dolls with mix ’n’ match outfits: two girls, two boys and a baby. Three customizable houses each have three rooms to outfit with wallpaper, sofas and even a white-picket fence in the garden. $3.99 for the iPad app in the Apple store.