AurynCam: Photo sharing App with painterly filters

Design Approach

– Keep it visually very different from Instagram to establish its uniqueness.
– Allow for masonry grid with animations to create active homepage
– Allow for the maximum real estate on screen with non intrusive hidden button

Role: Interaction and User Experience Design.
Software: Photoshop


Get This Now!

People are going on about Popsicolor ? Really? This app is sooooooo much better. I love it! It makes my photos look awesome. Everyone keeps asking me how did I do that to my photos. Listen this app may not be high on the radar but it is a Gem! Download it ASAP!

by K Burks

Love This

I am not an artist, and I love the way this app transforms my photos, even mundane ones. And friends who are much more talented artistically and visually are really going to town on this one and making some supercool images. This app really seems to work for both the artistically inclined and the not so much. Bravo!

By Nellie1000

Digital Photography Review

Find your inner artist with AurynCam

AurynCam’s ability to quickly make works of art out of your photos convinced us that it’s worth a play, especially for free. Additionally, the app goes beyond the wheelhouse of most photo filter apps with its social networking features. Like Instagram, you’ll create your own user profile, follow other users, comment on and like AuyrnCam images and discover the work others are creating using the app.