Teddys’ Night: Interactive Story & Games

Design Approach

– Layered discovery and hidden interactions to spark imagination
– Maintain the illustrations look to showcase in-house painterly rending technology
– Story is as important as the interactions – wait till the story is read before starting interactions

Role: Interaction and UI Design.
Software: Photoshop, Maya, In-house painterly rendering software

Parents’ Choice Awards

Though Teddy’s Night may sound like a simple bedtime story, it is actually a rich book app with many opportunities to interact and play with the painted illustrations on each page. The premise is simple: A tired girl wonders what her sleep averse teddy bear does all night. She know that he does not become sleepy, even as her mother switches off her bedroom lights and the girl and bear lie down in bed.

It would be difficult to pick a single favorite scene in this app. Before dark, the girl and her bear jump on the bed. As you click the two of them, they jump higher and higher. In another scene, the girl and teddy draw and stack blocks together. Not only can readers participate in those activities, but they can also strum the wallpaper’s stripes like harp strings to make soothing bedtime music. Once the girl is asleep, readers learn that Teddy keeps quite busy protecting his owner while she dozes. When it becomes dark, click on a houseplant to see its shadow transform into a menacing foe. Teddy fights him off with aplomb.

There are many other hidden treats throughout the Teddy’s Night that will reward repeat reads. The child narrator lends a pleasant reading of the text that parents will not mind hearing.

 Dad of Divas

“Teddy’s Night,” the follow-up to the groundbreaking, critically acclaimed “Teddy’s Day,” has been released by Auryn and available here: http://tinyurl.com/2fndly4.  A hybrid experience that is part book, part interactive animation and includes age appropriate games, the Teddy releases are part of a new breed of storytelling experience eponymously dubbed an “Auryn” by the producer.

The “Teddy’s Night” Auryn is an enchanting story about a little girl’s curiosity regarding what her beloved teddy does when she goes to sleep. Created with proprietary animation technology by a team of feature film animation veterans, both “Teddy’s Day” and “Teddy’s Night” Auryns offer a world of wonder and imagination, where characters come to animated life and respond to playful taps and tickles.  Special features for “Teddy’s Night” include: Interactive animation on every page, a customizable wall drawing, a block stacking game, a memory matching game, and more.

The Teddy Auryn line represents the highest quality, interactive digital storybook experiences available today.  “Teddy’s Day,” launched in November 2010 and was among the Top 50 iPad apps during the holiday season, named “New and Notable” by ITunes and heralded as the future of children’s digital storybook experiences. Auryn Ink, the breakthrough watercolor app created by Auryn, was named in the “Top 7 Most Innovative Apps of 2010” by Fast Company.

Auryn’s proprietary technology enables the company to produce motion media in any known style including those never before seen in animation such as oil paint, pastel and pen and ink. By uniting leading technologists, noted storytellers and exceptional animation production, Auryn produces digital storybooks and other creative apps that are truly original. For more on the company please visit: www.auryn.com.